Szent ImreSt.Imrei Cheddar is produced from the milk of our Hungarian Simmental Cattle. The milk has a rich creamy taste which is perfect for cheddar cheese.

The History of Cheddar

Cheddar is the United Kingdoms most popular cheese and originates from the small village of Cheddar, Somerset, in South West England. The caves of Cheddar Gorge on the edge of the village provided the ideal temperature and humidity for maturing. Records show it has been produced since at least the 12th Century.
Cheddar production was introduced into other English speaking parts of the world such as the USA, Australia and New Zealand during the 19th Century.

Characteristics of Cheddar
Cheddar has a very characteristic taste - sharp, tangy, creamy and sometimes bitter. The strength of these flavours depends upon the length of the maturing process.
The milk is processed using the traditional British cheddar method which is characterised by the ’Cheddaring’ of the curds where they are blocked and stacked to acheive the optimum dryness, by squeezing out as much liquid whey as possible. This process makes cheddar making unique from other cheese making practices.
The cheeses are moulded and pressed and then matured on wooden boards. The maturing process can range between 3-24 months, which will produce mild, mature, extra-mature or vintage flavoured cheese.